I won another contest!
3 weeks ago, I entered another contest on Instagram on Hoo Rag’s page. This one was simple, because, I was only needed to comment on the photo. They chose 4 people to win, and yours truly was one of them. Hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing. This is borderline ridiculous. The winners got to choose which Hoo Rag they wanted.
I received my Hoo Rag the same day I decided to make another appearance at the warm water discharge to get my fishy fix in.
That guy hates me so much.
Upon arrival at the WWD, I was surprised to see I was the only person there, but that was short lived. The kid/teen in the background showed up, and he is notoriously annoying to all of the fishermen that fish the discharge. I had a few encounters with him last year, but he didn’t recognize me with my new Hoo Rag on. My superior skills in annoying certain people proved to be too much for him, once again. I win!
I fished for 15-20 minutes, caught a few bluegill, took a few pictures, and beat a pest at his own game. I’d say that was a successful outing.

2 Replies to “Hoo Rag”

  1. I need some of your luck because yesterday I only caught 2 fish and Chris Borland retired from the 49ers after 1 season! lol sorry I'm still upset!

  2. Ah! Yeah, SF 49ers just keep losing people. That's been all the talk on the talk shows. I think it's going to be a rather tough year for the 49ers. I'll try to give you some good luck fly fishing. My Bears need more luck than your 49ers haha

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