Spring is right around the corner, and I am excited! I decided to start cleaning up and organizing my boxes, prepping them to be messed up all over again after the first 2 outings.
I really wish tacky built a fly box for a bass angler. I am starting to really dislike seeing this recurring issue. How about you? What kinds of fly boxes do you recommend for bass flies?
While I was going through all of my flies, I took notice and made a separate pile for flies that I did not tie. Other than most of my trout dry flies, these are the only other flies, that I don’t tie, but love to fish. Those Todd’s Wiggle Worms drive bass absolutely insane…and the Boogle Eye Poppers…how could you not love those top water flies. Great quality and they have a great popping action for bass and panfish.
Anyone else use those 2 flies, and love them??

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  1. I keep my warmwater flies in larger streamer type boxes. I don't have a lot of them, but they fit well. I have some of those boogle eyes. Don't know where I got them from at this point, but I'm anxious to try them on some local ponds.

  2. Fly boxes are always a point of discussion. Organizing them, year after year, sometimes is a pointless struggle. Tried all the boxes out there for big flies. I tell you what, good ol' Plano plastic boxes are still the best for your money on big Bass patterns etc. in my opinion. Then, again, you didn't ask for an opinion! I don't have either of the patterns you mention here. But, catching a Bass on the surface must be a blast.

  3. Ha I actually did ask for your opinion, Mel. Well not specifically, but I did want some feed back. I will most likely begin to carry a plano box for my bass flies. The distorted foam is a battle I will never win.

  4. I've got a few big boxes, but I usually keep those in the car, and take what I need in the box shown. I don't like to carry too many things in my pack, like a big fly box. I think Mel might have given me a good idea. You'll love those Boogle eye poppers!!!

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