Okay, winter….enough already! I’ve lost count of all of the subzero days we’ve had. I know it’s well into the double digits, and I don’t care to Google it up.

I don’t even need Spring or Summer at this point, 30 degree weather would suffice. Just enough to get out on a river without having to worry about dodging icebergs. I just want to breath in some fresh morning air without my nostrils freezing shut or looking like Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber, while out ENJOYING the outdoors. There is no enjoyment in single digit weather, unless you’re an ice fishermen or a polar bear.

Anyone have any big fishing trips planned? I’d love to hear about ’em!

I am still trying to figure out where I will be wetting a line. My fishing goals this year are to fish/explore new water/places.

In April I will be spending 3 days in Fort Myers, Florida. I’ll be able to fish part of the time, and I hope to hook up with some salty fish…tarpon, redfish, grouper, sharks…pretty much whatever the hell wants my fly in it face.

Then I’ll be in Orlando for 7 days, and I’ll be able to fish a limited amout, but I have day dreams of catching bass bigger than 5lbs.

And of course, I have to make a Fall trip to a magical place, Musky Country. This is the year I slay the King of the North.

I’ll end this with a thank you, to Mike over at Troutrageous! for showing some love to my blog. If you haven’t checked out his blog, you should.

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  1. I have a few trips planned for this year. 1. Hendricksons on the Ausable in Michigan in May2. Smallies in the Boundary Waters in June.but the one I am looking forward to the most is a week in Estes Park CO in August. I can't wait.Tight Lines

  2. JustinI have often said that if I had the money my wife and I would leave the south in the hot humid summer months and go out west, and then in the cold winter months move back to the deep south—I know you may have already thought of this idea–this weekend here will 70 then we turn cold next week in the 50's –nothing like where you guys live–hope the weather improves for you guys soon–thanks for sharing

  3. I'm sick of the cold weather and snow too. 6-10\” more monday.. WTF, oh well, cold weather, cold fish, I'm going on a Cod Trip out of RI on the 8th!!! Also have a possible abandoned Cabin to camp in for Ct's opening day, smack dab in the middle of 25,000 acres of forest. (if the ice melts by April)

  4. Very nice, Aaron!I've always wanted to do a Boundary Waters trip. I think that will be on my list next year or maybe even this year. How long do you stay up there? Have any recommendations on an outfitter or do you bring your own stuff?

  5. Hey Bill, I have often thought about that idea. Especially, these past few weeks. Now if I could just win a jackpot from the lottery, I could make that idea a reality :)You called 50 degrees cold….That's blasphemy haha!

  6. That sounds freakin' awesome! No one I know or have ever crossed paths with, has ever mentioned Cod fishing. I bet you guys have some nice fish fry's while you're out that way. That sounds like my kind of cabin…away from everything! Thanks, for sharing!

  7. We go through voyager north out of Eli. We have used them for 15 years and have always been very happy. We stay for 4 days. Three of which are in the back country fishing, hard. It's amazing.

  8. Man I am with you. I hate this winter. It's going to be a high of 7* here tomorrow. Sucks, but like you I have a few trips planned. Like you I will be headed up north to chase Muskie for a few days and then hopefully spend one day after Lake Trout. Also in May headed out to Arizona to fish Lee's Ferry for some monster Rainbows. Finally maybe a trip to the Keys, but thats still a maybe. Take care a best of luck this year sir.

  9. Very cool! I will have to add them to my list for when I decide to look up places in the Boundary Waters. Is the fishing as good as they say it is up there? Besides smallmouth, what else are you guys catching on the fly?

  10. Sounds like you have an awesome year to look forward to! What do you fish for in the Keys? I'll have to check out those areas of Arizona you speak of, because, I have never heard of them. I didn't know there was trout fishing in Arizona. Interesting!

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