Reasons why I have never gone ice fishing in the past:
1. I don’t see the enjoyment of fishing from a hole in the ice.
2. If there’s ice, that usually means it cold….not a big fan.
3. Being a bigger guy, I have a fear of stepping on the ice, breaking it, and falling through.
4. I like to move around when I fish, not sit in one spot.
5. Did I mention that it’s usually cold out?So, I went ice fishing for the first time with a friend who had invited me out. He had an extra ice fishing rod, and I needed a fishy fix.

The outing was short, different, and exhausting. The ice was 16 inches thick, and a pain in the ass to auger for a first timer. After drilling my first hole through the ice and dropping a line, the action was immediate. I hooked up with 3 bluegill, one after another. FUN! Then the bite died. My buddy finished the short outing with 6 bluegill and 1 crappie.


Did this change my mind about ice fishin…No.

Will I go ice fishing again…Yes, but I’m not spending a dime on ice fishing gear!


***(For some reason this post went back to draft, and took changed on me…..WTF Google!)***

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  1. Always fun to try something new. I think I could only get into ice fishing if I had the full blow shack setup. Kind of like what they had on Grumpy Old Men.

  2. Ice fished for years. Now that I am (64) don't get out as much in cold weather. Would rather stay home and tie flies. Power Ice Augers and Ice huts are the way to go if one wants to be a serious ice fisherman. Ok, back to tying flies.

  3. For sure, man! That's the only kind of ice fishing that I think I might enjoy, as well. Sports talk radio, beer, a lazyboy and a heater. That sounds like the life

  4. Yep, I'm with ya, Mel. I'd rather be tying flies, filling orders, and my own boxes. Something about tying just relaxes my mind, like fishing in the summer. No brain freezes here!

  5. I don't know, man. I honestly don't think it would be that enjoyable to me. I just love the hunt….wading or hiking around a river or lake, and casting out…rather than dropping a line, and waiting…in the same spot.

  6. haha, the guy who was never going ice fishing has an ice fishing postlove it!i agree, too cold with no shack and heater. Dan (navyfisher) is right though, one monster makes a differenceim with you though, ice fishing is about hanging with friends, catching a few fish, and hot sausages on the ice

  7. JustinI am with you when it comes to fishing in the cold, especially in the sub zero weather. There are some things I don't like about the south, but the warm weather here has to be a plus. thanks for sharing

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