Took my girl Daisy out to a local forest preserve for a change of scenery, and to do some exploring.  I’ve been to this forest preserve before, but never bothered to explore past the decent sized lake near the parking lot.

While on our walk Daisy found a trail that led to a creek that I fish often, but further west, and to my surprise it looked fantastic and fishy!  I was always under the impression that it was skinny super shallow, and covered by dense forest in this area…Goes to show you should never assume anything.

Daisy and I doing some recon.

There was tons of shore access, and a beaten trail along the bank, which tells me that I’m not the only person that knows about it.  There was quite a few riffles, and boulders/rocks in the water, which to me, screams smallmouth.  There was also quite a few fallen trees into the creek, even more cover for smallies, and possibly some hammer handle pike.

Looks fishy, right?

Can’t wait to bring Daisy out here to explore this trail some more before winter is here.  She enjoys this 60 degree Fall weather, and so do I.  Not too hot, and not too cold…just right.

Daisy taking in all of the new scents.

I’m also going to try and return to this spot with either my 5 wt or my ultra light spinning rod to see if I can stir anything up.  There’s rain in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, so, I’m hoping it doesn’t blow the creek out, too much.

Daisy taking in some fresh Fall air.
Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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  1. Nice looking stream. Don't tell anyone but I always have a fly rod in my truck and my kayak locked on the rack just for those occasions. This weekend neither saw the water, we've had 8\”s of rain and it's still coming down. Looking forward to the follow-up…

  2. I also always have a rod in my car. You just can't tell when an opportunity is going to open up. I enjoyed this post because I have so many memories of the preserves there when I was a kid.

  3. Hello, Justin, sure enjoyed checking in again on your blog. I have been away for the Summer months dealing with some Family issues. You know they always come first.In any manner, happy to be back. That small stream would be delightful with either rod you choose. Smallmouth would be a blast in close quarters. When you get back there be sure and let us know how you do.Could I ask if you would update my blog link? Here is my current blogging format.http://grampsfishingjournal.blogspot.comthanks for your time…………..

  4. Nice! I usually have everything in my car, as well, but I let this outing be dedicated to my dog Daisy. Plus, it's a little difficult for me to fish with her. I usually hook the retractable leash up to my belt for my small dog Bo, and have no issues, but Daisy is pretty damn strong and I'm afraid she'll see a squirrel and want to chase it, in turn, ripping my belt off haha.

  5. You have a very smart friend, Mark! I don't ever go anywhere without them, either, but this outing was left dedicated to my dog Daisy.

  6. Thanks, for coming back, Mel! You're added back to my blog roll.I haven't had the chance to get back to that section of the creek, but I'm hoping sometime this week, for sure!

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