In the Fall edition of A Tight Loop Magazine there is a video of me tying one of my favorite pike/musky predator flies.  I hate cotton candy, and the colors on this fly, to me, resemble just that, so, it is deemed my “I Hate Cotton Candy” fly.
And here’s an old video of me attempting to play the jaw harp for the first time.  You decide what I do better…play the jaw harp or tie flies. ENJOY!!!
If I didn’t provide you with that description, there’s a good chance you would have thought it was me trying to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger reciting vowels.  Am I right, what did you hear?

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  1. Ha!!! Thanks, Mark. I think I'm going to stick with tying flies, as well. That was actually a bic pen that I removed the ink and top off of. Works great for pushing back bucktail, as you can see. Quick and easy.

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