I’ve never caught one, but I want to.
I only know other fly fishers use egg patterns.
That’s where my knowledge starts, and abruptly ends.
Some dirty looking eggs on a hook size I forgot.
Just the start.

6 Replies to “Steelhead – CARF Knows Nothing”

  1. Justin, in my experience, Steelhead fishing can be quite addicting. Very cult like! When I was much younger. I fished Steelhead seasonally. Now living in Colorado, it is but a memory in a long list of memories. Was I any good at it? I like to say, \”Steelhead – The fish of 1,000 casts per hook up\”. Northwest Steelhead ratio, I might add. But, oh what a rush when you hook one………………

  2. When I fished Steelhead and I've never caught one either, I started fishing the American River with what I learned on the Deschutes. The two didn't mix and it only took me three years to figure it out. Once I figured out that a Steelhead is just a Rainbow Trout that goes to the ocean I started fishing them the same way. Apparently that didn't work for me either because a fellow fishing buddy would stand right next to me and catch fish and I'd get nothing. I finally gave up.

  3. Have any other tips for steelhead, Mel? Did you use a 1 handed, 2 handed, or spinning rod?Maybe you should make those memories a blog post. I would love to hear old stories like that.

  4. Sometime soon, Howard. After reading about Jeff's trip, it gave me confidence catching them on a streamer, so, I will not be using these egg patterns. I want my first one to be caught on a streamer that I tie.Just like my first musky. I wanted it to be on the fly rod with a fly that I tied. All others after that will just be a bonus, no matter how they're caught. Just as long as I get that first one out of the way, how I want to do it.

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