Who doesn’t love a good DIY!
A few months ago I was in need of a way to change the line on my 9/10 reel.  I could have bought an already made product, but I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase something for this task that I knew I could probably put together myself.
To Home Depot I went!
With a spool of line, to make sure the hardware I choose fits the spool, I built my line changer in the store, and walked up to the register with it…and roughly $5.50 later, I walked out.
Other than the nuts, washers, and bolt, I used 2 metal pieces that I found in the building materials and roofing area.  Completely forgot the name or designed use for them, but I can tell you that they worked perfectly for this application.  I was even able to bend the top one easily with my two hands, so, that I can rest that part on the rod.
A few extra nuts, just in case I lose some.  They were cheap, so, why not!

I have a double bimini twist knot in my backing, so, it allows me to change my line with a loop to loop connection (the end of the fly line must have a loop knot of sorts, too.) and this eliminates my need for spare spools for my reel.  When removing line from reel, I simply use my fingers on the spool to turn it.  Takes a few minutes longer than an actual line changer, but it gets the job done.

Here are some videos I used on Youtube for the knots.
Double Bimini Twist Knot
Loop to Loop Connection

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