When I leave work during the week, I have about a 1.5 hours of day light, and that flat out sucks.

Enter Fly Tying Season.
I haven’t had the chance to sit down at the vise to put in an extended amount of time in for quite a while.  I’ll begin filling my own personal boxes and taking care of any orders that may come in.  One of my goals this fly tying season, is to come up with something new and different or a revised version of another pattern out there.
Now that Wisconsin has extended their trout season, I think I’ll be able to find enough time to make it to Southwest Wisconsin, in the Driftless area for an outing.  I haven’t made the drive that way in 2 years, since I totaled my car on the expressway, because, of some deer frolicking on the highway at 4 AM.
Clousers are a staple in any bass fly fishermans box.  These simple patterns do nothing but catch fish.  Here are some reds and blues.  My favorite are chartreuse over white, not pictured here.
..and as cabin fever sets in during mid winter, this is probably what I’ll look like, as I start to lose my mind.
If anyone is interested in a decal, please shoot me an email at carfoutdoors@gmail.com or book face message, and I will gladly send you one.

8 Replies to “Fly Tying Season”

  1. My second ever trout on the fly came on a white/chartreuse Clouser. Wonder how a Thin Mint would do in the Driftless. They've proven to be awesome in Tennessee and Utah. ust a thought.

  2. Like you, Justin, I am really looking forward to the \”fly tying season\”. I love it almost as much as the regular fly fishing season it seems anymore. I am a fan of using patterns that work while fishing. So, I am going to focus on different sizes or different colors. That being said, fly tying is creative time, so you never know.

  3. Thin mint…I'll have to look up this pattern. Unless that's another term for the chartreuse color pattern. That's really awesome that you caught your first trout on a clouser. That fly is a serious fish catcher!

  4. Those deer haunt me when I drive at night now. After that incident, I am overly cautious of driving near wooded areas at night. What a life changing incident.

  5. Thanks, for stopping by and leaving the compliment, Alan!!Those are my simplified version of the Copper John. Copper Johns are a little to tedious for my liking, so, I skip a few steps. I don't tie in any wings or top casing and I use pheasant for the tail. This makes these quicker to tie, and I believe that they'll work just the same.

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