At the beginning of the year, I decided that I wasn’t a fan of exclusively using the C clamp for my Peak vise.  I then ordered the pedestal base.  When it arrived, I was extremely surprised at how much it weight.  This was a quality base, and once I put my vice on it, I tried my best to see how unstable it could be, and it passed every test with fly tying colors.  Now I don’t have to worry if my C clamp will fit on certain surfaces, or if I will need some folded up cardboard to fill in the gaps. Needless to say, I was very happy with my purchase.
Soon after I purchased the pedestal base.  I ordered the riser, as you see pictured above.  It’s the copper/gold colored piece on the base. 
The extra height that the rise gave my vise was a game changer!  When I sit at my desk or anywhere, I like to be high up, and the riser allows my vise to be right where I want it to be…up high!
My Peak vise was the first vise that I have purchased a few years ago, and I have been extremely happy with it.  It’s construction is solid, and you can really feel the quality when using it.  It’s held every hook that I’ve put in it’s jaws from size 8/0 musky hooks to size 22 midge hooks.  Now with the upgrades that I have made this year, it feels like I have a brand new vise.
What vise do all of you use and do any of you out there have multiple?

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  1. I have a Regal Vise (Medallion Series) that I got when I took my first (and only) fly tying class. The \”and only\” part was because once I took the class, it cost me about $1000.00 by the time I got out of the fly shop. You know, vise, hooks, feathers, and all the other stuff you can find that you \”really need\” to tie all the flies you want. The vise, probably the only one I'll ever have.

  2. Great info I've been thinking about upgrading my vise but I'd have to stop fishing to use it. I'm not ready to do that just yet…that's what winter is for.

  3. I have a basic DynaKing Kingfisher. The first vise I ever got. I've replaced the hook keeper thingy about a year ago. It just keeps going. I really like the Peak vise but I promised myself I wouldn't buy a new one until this one wore out.

  4. Justin, I have a short story to tell you. I have tied for years on a Renzetti vise. Thought they were just fine. Then one day a little over three years ago, I had an opportunity to try a Peak Vise. I knew immediately that a Peak Vise was in my near future. I came to find out that they are manufactured in Loveland, Colorado. Well, wouldn't you know it! I retired from my business in Eastern Idaho and moved \”back\” to Colorado. Loveland, Colorado, in fact! The Peak Vise was the first fishing expense that I undertook upon arriving back in Colorado. I love mine! It is extremely well made as you have realized. I have the base model and the c-clamp. I prefer the base model as you do, but, the C-Clamp is world class also. They have a number of neat things to help the tyer as accessory tools. Oh, you mentioned that! Made in my hometown so I really enjoy helping out the local guy……………….

  5. I think we all know about the \”need\” for most of the materials that we buy, Mark. Haha I've heard great things about Regals, and I have been eyeballing the Regal Travel vise sort of a change up that I can travel with easily.

  6. That's a great story, Mel!!!! I love the C-Clamp, as well, but for some applications/locations it just doesn't work out for me. I used it for 2/3 years now, before I made the jump to purchase the base. They just came out with a very innovative jaw for holding hooks, and it looks like a fantastic concept. What a great feeling to know you're supporting a product made from the town you live in.

  7. JustinI keep saying I am going to get into fly tying, but still wonder if I will take the time to justify spending the money??? My hat is off to all you guys who tie all these fantastic patterns and then go out and land numerous fish from those very flies. I realize landing the fish on the flies you actually tie is probably the most satisfying part of the fly tying, but I am still on the fence. Hopefully one day I will make the move and begin the journey. Great post thanks for sharing

  8. It definitely does make for a different experience on the water if you're catching fish with flies that you tied. It's even better, if it's a pattern that you've designed yourself. I'd say if you're unsure, check out to see if there are any fly tying get meet ups in your area…clubs or bar flies style groups. Not only is it a great way to meet other fly fishers in your area, but you can see if tying is for you. I'm sure others would be willing to share their knowledge and show you the ropes.

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