Winter has arrived in full force.  It snowed all of Friday night, and most of Saturday.  Reports state that we have received 8 inches of snow in my area.  Not only was it snowing constantly, the wind was strong, pushing it around where ever it wanted.
After getting some stuff done around the house..laundry, dishes, shoveling the back, shoveling the front, shoveling around my car, and put some things in the attic I will have no use for in the winter, I decided to clean up around my fly tying desk.  Found a bunch of cool stuff!
I have no idea when I purchased these, but they were hidden away in a shoe box.  All of them are unopened and ready to fish.  I have actually used a Hula Popper, but am already looking forward to it come Spring and Summer.  Anyone use these?
I also found my small collection of stickers, business cards, and coasters from some craft breweries.  Here are the coasters.
Double Daisy Cutter by Half Acre
A staple at the hospital.

10 Replies to “Winter Is Here”

  1. Wow, just like Christmas. I heard you guys got dumped on. We're expecting snow down to 2000 ft (that would be at the old house) this coming Tuesday. I'm not going to miss it. Like Mike says, go to Florida.

  2. \”Yuck\” is the best term to sum up my weekend.There was almost a chance of me going to Florida this week, but that fell through, otherwise I would have let you have known, because, I would have been driving making my way down to Ft. Meyers.

  3. We got some major dumpage of snow this weekend, Mark. There was none on the ground before that storm on Friday night. There really hasn't even been any frost, and then boom…8 inches in my area and I heard up to 14 inches in others. Florida sounds great!

  4. Yep! Fly tying, beer, and a whole lot of nothing. This is the time of year I binge watch television shows or movies that I have no time to watch during the summer.

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