With all the snow that we received in the Chicago Burbz on Saturday, I didn’t bother doing going out like I had planned.  I cooked, cleaned, and sat on the couch and drank some beer while.

While I was cleaning my desk, and organizing all of my materials, I found an envelope that I had been looking for since I received it.  The envelope contained a sticker and business card from Howard at Windknots & Tangled Lines.  This sticker will find a home on my Nautilus Reels Yeti Cooler.  ThANK YOU, for the sticker, Howard!
Also inside of the envelope were 2 stickers from FrankenFly that I received the same day, and put them all together.  I completely forgot I had these.  Who know’s what more I will find as I clean even more.  I have my fingers crossed for some $$$.
Now that my fly tying desk is all cleaned up, it’s time to mess it up, again.  Time to stock up on my favorite local craft beers, and get to tying.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Justin. If you need any more just give me a holler. By the way, I found a nice pair of sunglasses at goodwill today…50 cents. Check them out.

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