Back in August when I was visiting my best friend in Ohio, I stopped at a fishing store about 8 minutes from his house.  It’s called Jann’s Netcraft.  I have come across their website online a few times, and know a few people that use them for lure making supplies.
Well, I went in there, and decided that I was going to buy some supplies to make inline spinner baits, because, I don’t have enough hobbies already Haha.  My intention with these were to just give them to friends and use them myself.  You know, something different.  I bought some size 4 french blades, heavy gauge wire, brass weighted bodies, split rings, and clevises.  Pictured below you will find my first attempt.  
That heavy gauge wire is strong and was not easy to bend.  With time and repetition I will refine my skills.  Oh, and I plan on dressing up some treble hooks with bucktail and just putting those on the split ring. 
Fly tying and lure making are not at the top of my list of things to accomplish this Winter.  My #1 mission is to get my singing voice back.  I have neglected my acoustic guitars and voice for far too long.  It’s been so long since I’ve sang on a constant basis that my voice has gone away, but like with most things, I am a firm believer of practice – practice – practice.  While I never had a voice that will win me any television contests, it would just be nice to be back to where I once was, plus, playing my guitar and learning a song are just as satisfying to me as catching fish.
For those that don’t know…I used to do quite a few cover songs.  Don’t remember if I have ever posted any of them here to share with all of you.  Here’s a cover I did of “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down.
Here are just a few scenic shots of me reminiscing of a time when there wasn’t snow on the ground. Haha
Wood Dale Grove
Lake Michigan and Downtown Chicago

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  1. Wow, a young man with many talents……………….Being a BlogBuddy is interesting. We just know each other from the blog. You fish, you tie, you write. Thanks for sharing another side of you………………….

  2. Thank you!! Working on getting my voice back up to where I want it. I do have other videos I have done in the past. What's more your style?

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