I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving.  Spent lots of time with family, friends, and food.  I know I sure did, and I’ve been trying to work it all off ever since.  I love the food on that day so much, I decided I was going to cook a few things that I enjoy eating on that holiday, so, I can have it for dinner all week.
While I was walking through my local grocery store on Sunday, they were having a sale on turkey legs, so, I picked up 4 of them.  I’ve never cooked a turkey, hell, I’m not very good with ovens.  I can cook on a grill and stove top no problem, but the oven always gives me issues.
While I’m not one for following recipes, and usually just make everything off the top of my head or however I think my Mom would make things, I had to look up the temperature and time turkey needs to be cooked.
I started by placing the 4 turkey legs in a large tin or whatever it’s called.
Next I just added a bunch of herbs and spices that I enjoy to a little bowl to season the turkey.
Black Pepper
Lemon Pepper
Chopped up some yukon gold potatoes.
Cleaned and chopped up some carrots and a white onion.
After seasoning the turkey legs, I added all of the vegetables.  I also, added some extra virgin olive oil, and water.
I let it bake in the oven at 350 degree’s for 2 hours and 15 minutes.
The finished product looked fantastic!
It tasted even better!
Good thing I’m doing double days at the gym again.  Need to get back in shape, and eat all of this delicious food at the same time.  It’s not easy being me. 🙂

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  1. Oh, and it was, Alan! I was actually surprised at how well it came out. My mom stopped by yesterday and I sent her home with one of the legs and some of the vegetables, so, I've been anxiously awaiting for her to eat it, to get her opinion, too. Thanks!

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