With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I would share some items that I added on my wish list letter to Santa.  I have some expensive tastes….

These are in no particular order BTW
(Click on the name to be linked to the websites for these companies.)
Jackson Kayak Big Rig – I’m a big guy, and this is named the “Big Rig”…I think it’s a match made in heaven.  I have heard nothing but great things about this kayak.  All of the negative things I have heard, I have zero issues with such as, weight, tracking, and speed.  I’m strong like a bull, so, I just see car topping this kayak as an extra work out, and I welcome that.  I’m not looking to win any races, so, speed doesn’t matter to me.  Stability and the ability to stand are what I’m looking for.  Being a bigger guy, it’s hard to find a kayak that I would be able to stand up in, but have talked to a number of bigger guys who own a Big Rig and they love it.

“Struck Gold” by Dead Weight Fly – It’s an 18×24 print, and I just love it! The colors and uniqueness of this piece really scream out to me.  This would look great at work, and give my boring cube some flare.

Vedavoo Drifter Boat & Messenger Bag – I really love the work that Vedavoo does.  The craftsman ship and thought that goes into each of their packs is unmatched.  This pack would be great to help keep my flies and accessories organized in my car and on my kayak.  I’m also torn between the orange, and woodland camo.

Vedavoo TL Beast Sling Pack – What’s not to love about this pack, it’s Vedavoo!  I’ve been eyeballing this pack for quite some time, and loving to carry big boxes for my bass, musky, and pike flies, this looks to have all the space I need.

Regal Travel Vise – I love my Peak vise, but sometimes it is a bit of a hassle to carry around or travel with, even if it’s 30 minutes away.  With that in mind, I’ve been looking at some travel vises.

Other items that are on the list.

  • DLSR Camera.  I still need to do my research.
  • Duckett Micro Magic 6’9″ Medium Heavy Casting Rod
  • Shimano Chronarch CH200E7 Baitcaster (They have since updated the design, but I like the older ones.)
  • Drone – I can only imagine the fun I would have with one of these and my GoPro camera.
  • World Peace
  • Pastrami Sandwich for +Howard Levett
What’s on your Christmas list????

10 Replies to “Santa Better Win The Lottery”

  1. Wow…most of your list looks like my list. I've been researching GoPros…any suggestions? I might be able to convince Santa for that item if I pair it with a new peddle kayak. That strategy worked once before…looked at buying a new house or a used boat….got the boat!

  2. I am with Mark on this subject. That does come with age and having more chances to get what you want the older you become. Little things are often found under my tree…..Like Hooks, or, fly tying material of some sort. I admit I am thinking about adding another inexpensive glass rod to my corner rod rack.

  3. Haha you got the boat! I have the GoPro 3 Hero Black, and love it. I just wish I had a better computer for the software I would like to use. I should have added that to my list. Most of my pictures are taken with my GoPro, and of course my videos. I love my GoPro, and don't know the difference between the 4 and the one I have other than the size. With the 4 out, you can probably get a good deal on the 3.

  4. After the pastrami sandwich from a real back east deli, I'm good. At my age, I buy what I want when I want it. Okay maybe some big name sunglasses for you.

  5. That's good, Mark. I know I'll eventually want nothing, and I usually tell my GF that I want nothing, because, I really don't \”need\” anything. Just nice to window shop haha

  6. What kind of rod are you looking to get, Mel? I could actually use some hooks and zonker strips, too, now that you mention it.

  7. JustinThat list is quite impressive; hope for a windfall some time between now and Christmas. I stop letting my wife and children get me anything for Christmas some years ago, they ask what I want and I tell them. That way I get exactly what I want and need. As I get older the needs become less and less. Hope you get a few of those item Christmas morning. Thanks for sharing

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