During a trip to Wisconsin I decided to leave my fishing poles in the car and go looking for turkey on some public land. While I was scrolling around on my OnX map app on my phone, I found a fairly large chunk of public land. I noticed that it had a decent trail so I brought my mountain bike with to help me get to where I wanted to faster.

Like my first time turkey “hunting” I didn’t bring a firearm, and was only armed with my camera and binoculars. Still being in the sponge phase, I really want to to focus on learning about turkeys. I want to see their behavior first hand with my own eyeballs before I actually take one down.

Looking For Turkey on Public Land

While I was riding the trail through the dense pine trees, I saw something large running out of the corner of my eye. When I turned my head, I saw that it was a turkey! It took flight after it’s short sprint, and I lost it. I hopped off the bike and tried searching for it. I was unsuccessful.

Looking For Turkey on Public Land

After sitting around in 2 different spots it was lunch time, and I needed to get back. Didn’t see any more action after spooking that turkey. It was good to get out on the bike, and explore. These experiences looking for turkey on public land have also made me realize how much fun it is to have binoculars and have the ability to see things further out than my 70-200 mm lens allows. I’ll have a review of my Maven C1 10×42 binoculars and FHF Bino Harness in the future. Very happy with them. I just need to put in more time using them to write an honest review.

Here’s a random photo of a turkey vulture circling the sky.

Looking For Turkey on Public Land - bird in the sky.

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