Needed some new scenery, so, I opened up my OnX app and found some public land in Wisconsin to do some exploring for turkey and trout. Viewing the plot of public land on the map, the stream looked small, and the amount of trees and nearby farm fields looked good for other animals (ie: turkey).

After parking, loading up my Vedavoo Seam Sling with essentials, my Vedavoo Wader Wallet with flies, and walking a short distance along a trail I arrived at the small stream. The stream was even smaller than I had thought it was. Thankfully, I brought my 5’9″ fiberglass CGR 3 wt along.

Exploring Public Land in Wisconsin

One really cool part about the small stream right from start were 2 long boards that acted like a bridge to get you across. Being the bigger guy that I am, I opted for the bigger piece of wood.

After crossing the stream and doing some more exploring of this Wisconsin public land for any signs of turkey. I came to the conclusion that this small stream was going to be incredibly difficult to fish. Something that never detours me.

Crossing a small intimate stream on Public Land in Wisconsin.

I saw a fairly open part but I needed to get to the other side of the stream. Just like the 2 pieces of wood near the parking area, I found a downed tree that crossed the stream. After crossing it, I wanted to check my phone for the time, but it wasn’t in my pocket. I spent the next 1-1.5 hrs trying to find my phone in the forest. Thankfully, I was successful.

Long story short: I caught every single tree, bush, blade of grass, and rock in the area. Once I felt the shellacking this small stream was giving me was sufficient, I decided to call it a day.

Macro photo of a wood tick.

Don’t forget to do a tick quick look over for ticks before getting in your vehicle. Then conducting a more thorough inspection when you get home. Tis the season for these unwanted stowaways. I found 1 on my pant leg while I was looking down at my phone for the time. Then I found another when I was back at my car.

Wood tick found on my pants.
Not a bad place to explore for turkey and wet a line for trout.

Despite the impromptu scavenger hunt for my phone, thousands of snagged casts, and ticks it’s safe to say that I will be back. It just wasn’t my day. I am hopeful that when I do return that it will be, and the land will still be public.

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