Here’s a list of my Top 4 fly fishing accessories under $25 that are made in the USA.

RisingWork 6″ Pliers: Made in Utah, these have been my go to pair of pliers for the past 2 years now.  It’s one of those tools that has multiple uses that come in handy on the water.  Not only do they help you remove  your hooks from a fish, but they can cut your line, smash the barbs on your hooks, and be used to tighten those knots on your hook (Keep the pliers closed, put the hook through the circle opening and this allows you to pull on the hook end without the risk of driving that hook in to your finger).  Rising  tools and nets are all made Utah.

VedavooWader Wallet:  Made in Massachusetts, these wader wallets are one my absolute favorite pieces of gear this year, not only because I helped design it, but because, they’re simply awesome.  I typically have a backpack full of camera gear and to me, it’s sort of a pain to change out flies because I hate a rigid rectangular boxes in the pouch of my waders.  Now I can simply clip my wader straps through the back of this fly wallet, and wear it.  It has a thin profile and plenty of space for a days worth of streamers on the water.

O’Pros3rd Hand Rod Holder:  Made in Wisconsin, the O’Pros knocked it out of the park with their updated 3rd Hand Rod Holder!  It now has the capability to rotate to whatever angle you want your rod to be at when changing out flies.

Cliff OutdoorsDays Worth Fly Box:  Made in Wyoming, these are the perfect fly box for your sling or hip pack when fishing for trout or small fish.  It’s the perfect fly box for a bunch of mop flies and nymphs…all I need when trout fishing.

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  1. The original rod holder they developed a few years ago was really good, but this redesign is fantastic! Such a great piece of gear. I filmed the Kickstarter video for them earlier this year Jan 2019. They're 3 Wisconsin brothers. Really good dudes.

  2. Love those Cliff Boxes! I also love the fact that they're made here in the states, as well. So is all of the Vedavoo gear. I love my Vedavoo wader wallet. Would love to see a photo of your filled up streamer wallet when.

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