Doing work on my GF’s new place. I built 2 gates for the deck in her backyard, so, our dogs don’t go running off chasing geese, skunks, racoons, ducks, and cars….
When I first saw the place about a month and a half ago, I could see that there was a ton of carp activity. Now that we’re moved in and Fall is in full force. I see absolutely no activity at all. I haven’t had the time to even wet a line until this past weekend, and I only did so for 15 minutes. I didn’t even see a fish. I’m sure it has the usual largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and carp. I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer!
Thinking I did a good job on the gates, we brought the dogs over. Sure enough, my GF’s dog Bo was able to squeeze himself through the gate and out into the field. Oh joy! He was able to get out twice. I chased him in my socks the 2nd time, stepping in probably all of the geese poop in the neighborhood. 
That prompted me to make some changes to the gates, and the entire deck.
I don’t think I’ll get tired of that view.
Finished up all of the staining (except for 1 piece), and nailed the pieces in the proper places around the deck. Bo, is no longer able to gallivant through the neighborhood by himself. Mission accomplished!
I cannot wait for all of this work to be over with. I miss my fly tying vise.
Needs some grass seed.

8 Replies to “Measure Twice, Cut Once.”

  1. Thank you! Thank goodness, for the escape proofing! I don't want to be chasing the little guy all over in my socks, again. hahaha

  2. I will definitely do that, Mark. Just need to get back to the house with day light still left. I guess I could also do it over the weekend.

  3. Zero fish, thus far. I know they're in there, though! Trust me though, there will be plenty of reports of me backyard fishing.

  4. Thank you! She has that same feeling, as do I – HAHA! It's a really nice size body of water. I can't wait to explore it, and maybe even make my own eco-safe fish cribs to plant in there. 😛

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