My cousin Giacomo has a Youtube channel. He’s actually had it for a long while now, but it’s been quiet. Recently he posted a new video to his channel and to my surprise he is building out a van to use for camping trips. How awesome is that!

He had already surprised me a few years ago when I saw that he was getting in to fishing, and I was super stoked for him. I even sent him a fly rod set up so he could give that a shot sometime, too.

Check out a few of his latest videos on Youtube, and consider subscribing to his channel. If you don’t subscribe in the very least give his videos a thumbs up, and drop a comment saying that I “Carf sent me! Keep enjoying the outdoors and have fun!”

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My cousin Giacomo
An old photo of me and Giacomo in 2016. We were in the Wisconsin Dells, and on our way out to celebrate Giacomo’s 21st birthday.

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