Got our for a float with some cool dudes.  Met up at a boat launch on a Northern stretch of the Des Plains River (DPR) about 7 AM.  Spotted this at the boat launch out of the corner of my eye, and got a good lauch out of it.  I have a simple humor, and I’m a little upset, I didn’t think about this. HA!

Here’s looking at you!
The Float Crew this trip……
Urban Assault Fly Fishing – Dave
Marcus – DPR Pro
No Intro needed.
Not pictured are Dan and Saul.
4 Kayaks, 1 Canoe, and a partridge in a pear tree.
Dave tied up some big weedless frog flies, and gave me one.  It’s just a super sized version of a Gutless Frog pattern, and they’re awesome!  Both Dave and I tossed the top water for awhile.  I had a small pike fly completely out of the water trying to eat it…It was AWESOME!!  Unfortunately, none of us hooked up with any top water pike.  I was 0 for 3 or 4…I forget.  Dave hooked up with 2 pike, and I forgot how the others fared.
9 AM…is it too early for a cold one on the river????……………..NAHHHHH
Thanks, for bringing the brewski’s, Dave!! I got ’em next time.
UA Dave and a solid DPR Pike.

DanK got a good shot of UA Dave and I in his canoe approaching the take out spot, and getting in some lasts casts.  This is the very spot that I caught my first pike on the DPR.  T’was a good float Gents.  You would have thought with the overcast conditions that the fishing would have been popping off, but it wasn’t.  Next time!

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  1. This post (& the one prior) are great! I love the humor, and the fishing action. The superhero titles are an excellent touch! I need to catch a pike someday, have never caught anything like that before…pike, muskie, or even pickeral.

  2. Thanks, Michael!!!The pike aren't big here 30\” is a trophy catch in my home rivers, but they are super duper fun! With the right gear, you could possibly tenkara for pike here on the DPR. #tenkarpike

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