Family time is the best time.  My GF and I, headed up to my Grandparents camper at Fish Lake Beach in Volo, Illinois, to hang out with some of my family.
We arrived just in time to join in on a hay ride around the campgrounds.  Not everyone joined us.  My Grandma stayed behind to wave at us when we rode by.  Everyone but 3 people on the hay trailer were a part of my family.  We were the best group that the residence of Fish Lake Beach ever experienced, hands down.
We always know how to have a blast.

When we were nearing the campers behind my Grandparents.  My Grandma was standing outside with a sign that read “Homeless – Need Family”….Hilarious!! We all got a great big laugh out of that.  Ain’t she a riot!!

She cracks us up!

After the hay ride, a few of my cousins and I headed down to the lake with our fishing gear.  My cousins have all fished before, so, they all sort of know what they’re doing.  My cousin Giacomo (Red Shirt), and Jeff (Not pictured) have more experience than Michael aka Big Red and Sam.  This lake had a terrible fish kill when we had our polar vortex winter, and some have told me it has bounced back through stocking, but I am not too positive about it.

The fishing was tough, as expected.  I was the only one to hook up with a fish, and boy, oh boy, was it a whopper.  After trying several streamers, I switched flies to a small san juan worm, and I cracked the code to Fish Lake Beach.
Trophy catch.

After fishing, my cousin Jeff and I headed to the store to restock the firewood back at the camper.  Once we returned there was a fire already started, and we all started to make use of it for a snack.

Hot diggity dog.
Awww…here’s me pictured with the person that hates all of my jokes, my lovely GF. 🙂
My Love.
Here we have pictured myself with a few of my many cousins.
We’re a pretty awesome group.
As the evening turned into night.  The campground was having a Ho Down type dance at their pavilion a stones throw away from the camper.  Before we all headed over there, we made some pot pies.  Butter, bread, pizza sauce, and some cheese.  Close the pot pie, and stick it in the fire, and viola, a great meal. 
I’ve always enjoyed a good campfire.
I apologize, but there were no photos taken of my dancing.  I know you’re all disappointed, but what I do have, is photo with my very awesome, special, and beautiful Grandmother. 
My Grandparents are part of the reason I love the outdoors as much as I do.  As a kid they used to take me, my sister, and my cousin Sharese camping with them all of the time.  They used to have a pop up camper, and belonged to a group who would travel together to different campgrounds. 
She doesn’t read my blog, but in the event that she does – I LOVE YOU!!!
Love this woman!

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  1. A fun time. Only family reunion the Kautz clan had, my brother (who attended) told me about it 3 months after it occurred. Needless to say…………

  2. Thank you, Howard. Maybe one day they'll do something like this, and you'll get to see how much fun it is in real life.

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