Finished up some recent orders. Seems everyone has predators with teeth on their mind.
Here are 2  flies that will be hunting down Northern Pike locally for a guy that just got into fly fishing. I’ve had success with these flies, and I know that they will serve my buddy well.
2/0 bucktail baitfish
These big beautiful flies will be hunting down Southern Ohio and Kentucky musky. Those Clear Cure Goo Jolly Roger eyes on my cotton candy pattern is sure to piss off any musky that it crosses.
8/0 musky flies
I wish I was still chasing musky and pike. If the weather is nice this weekend, I will be fishing.
Option A – Des Plains River for Northern Pike from my kayak. I just don’t know if I will have the time.
Option B – Small creek wade fishing for whatever is around. Smallies, creek chubs, bluegill, and tilapia. Haha A buddy of mine caught a few tilapia out of this creek in a certain section this summer. We believe that they were planted there, with hopes that they would sustain their own population. I highly doubt that those warm water fish are still there….but you never know! 🙂

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