Don’t ya just love seeing photos like this!
Taken sometime this summer, as you can tell by the fluttering butterfly.
I caught this walleye on a spinnerbait rigged with a Stankx Bait Company swim bait. I caught another one a few casts later. Such a beautiful fish! I was really shocked when I caught it. I haven’t caught a wally in probably over 3 years. It’s a fish I rarely target. If you couldn’t tell, this walleye was caught on Planet Earth, and more specifically, North America.
Where’s your secret spot? You can tell me 🙂

8 Replies to “Secret Spots”

  1. Nice blur job. I have one secret spot. It's not really secret at all, but I've never seen another angler fish it. If you make it to Philadelphia, I'll point you in the right direction.

  2. I am not much on sharing \”hot\” spots, but, more the advice on how to take your chances. Anyway, Nice fish!Curious as if you have ever fly fished for Walleye?

  3. I was just kidding, Mel. I didn't really expect anyone to give me their secret spots 🙂 ha. I have not targeted walleye with my fly rod, and I don't really ever target them with my other gear. Just the one time this past year I was in the walleye kayak tournament. I caught 2 sheephead! haha

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