Late write up.
I had a great time at the River Falls Fly Fishing Expo.  +Brian J Smolinski of Lunds Fly Shop located in River Falls, Wisconsin organized a great event, and I am already looking forward to next year.  There were so many great vendors, guides, and fly tyers that I am breaking this up into 2 posts, so, be on the look out for part 2.
Not really a local hero. Ha
This was my first time participating in an expo, and tying in front of complete strangers in this type of setting.  I must say, that I truly enjoyed myself.  I had such a good experience, that I am already checking out what expo’s are on the agenda for the rest of the year, and next year.
It was great meeting so many people, and having so many people enjoy my work.  I met +Ryan Frick of the blog On a Fly! and didn’t even know it until I had returned from my trip.  Haha!  It was great talking with you on Friday and Saturday.  Wish I had known it was you, I would have loved to pick your brain about fishing your areas of the Driftless.
Musky poppers were a big hit.
Here are some more pictures from the expo.
Urban Assault Fly Fishing – Dave Kuntzelman
Another familiar face from Illinois was at the expo.
One of the artists at the at the show was the talented Bob White.  While he was there, he was working on a painting of a brown bear and a cub on a hill.  It really was an honor watching him work on the painting.  It was really cool, and different.  All of the artists I’ve seen at shows just have their work on display, but this was the first time I’ve witnessed someone actually working on a piece.  I cannot wait to see the finished piece.

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