Part Two of the River Falls Fly Fishing Expo.
I would just like to start off by saying, it was really great meeting and talking with everyone at the show, and I really wish there was more time to shoot the chit and chat all things fly fishing.
Erik Thue of Catch and Capture.  It was great meeting Erik.  I’ve been following his stuff on Instagram and Facebook for awhile now, and he ties some great flies, and has some great photography skills.
I’ve met James Durbin of Big Pike Flies a Way of Life has been around for awhile.  I’ve met him once before a few years ago at a Chicago Musky Expo.  He’s a great fly tyer and has perfected his patterns for pike and musky.  Oh, and James definitely had thee most impressive mustache at the expo.
Ike of Chasing Fins Guide Service tying up some predator goodness for the St. Croix River.

Kevin @redbeard.flyfishing on Instagram is a great young fly tyer.  It was great meeting you, and I hope those flies catch you a lot of fish!!

Andy Selvig had one of the simplest displays, but it was surely the coolest one of them all.  It was a really awesome old milk crate/box.  Andy had 2 seminars throughout the day, one for intruder style flies, and another for deer hair divers.  He’s a great fly tyer and his flies really show his skill.  I wish I would have taken a close up picture.
Didn’t get a chance to talk with them, because, they were packing up, but I must say that Luke Swanson of Livin’ the Dream Guide Service has some serious chops at the vise.  A few of the musky patterns that he still had out on his table really blew me away.  Keep up the impressive work!!
Photo taken from the Livin’ the Dream Guide Service Facebook.

I didn’t make many purchases at the expo, but I did purchase some much needed trout flies from a few fly tiers, one of those purchases coming from Phil’s Phly Shop.  I picked up some random small dry flies.  Phil had a huge selection to choose from, so, I had him and his lovely wife pick them out for me.  Phil is a Navy Vet, and his wife is Filipino…My father was in the Navy, as well, and I am 1/2 Filipino, so, I had to give them some support!
Phil is teamed up with his friend Dan, and not only do they tie all of the flies shown above,  but they do some fantastic custom rod work.  They had some beautiful rods on display, and the custom cork work is stellar!  They don’t have a website, but I’ll leave the information from their cards below.  It was great talking and meeting all of you!
Phil’s Phly Shop
Quality Phlys and Rods
Located on the South Fork of the Kinni
River Falls, Wisconsin
Dan Rach
Custom Fly Rods – Custom Flies – Rod Building Instruction – Fly Tying Lessons – Fly Casting

For everyone else that I met, but don’t have any pictures of, it was great meeting all of you, especially, those of you that I follow on social media.  It’s great putting a face to a screen name!

Matt Ebbers –  Matt has some exceptional skills at the vise whipping up streamers and trout flies.  Check out his instagram – @ebbsforce1
Joel Ebbers – Brother of Matt has some of the same skills, and visits Chicago often.  Maybe we’ll get to wet a line one of these days when you’re in town! Instagram – @ebbs81
Aaron Przybylski – I mentioned Aaron in my Film Tour night post.  He ties some really cool small streamers that I’m looking forward to sinking into some fish face!  He grew up in my area, and visits sometimes.  One of these days when he’s in town, we’ll definitely wet a line and catch some local bass.  Check out his instagram – @stcroixpeezworth
Eddie Rivard was at the show, but we did not know that either of us would be there until it was all over with.  Would have been great to meet you.  Eddie owns the blog Eddie Rivard Fly Fishing.
Grant Meyer – Great meeting you, dude!  A fellow Fig Parmer.  Check out his instagram – @meyer.grant.d

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