While at the fly fishing expo, I purchased some much needed proven trout flies from Matt Ebbers.  On the way back to Chicago, Dave, and I stopped at the Rush River after pretty much everyone told us to go there while on our way back.
Dave and I doubled up about 15 minutes into our wade.  I hooked up with a small brook trout on a Matt Ebbers pink squirrel, and Dave caught a brown trout on…I have no idea…a trout fly.  Pretty fish.  Small fish, but pretty fish.
Doubled up.  Photo by UA Dave.
Me wading upstream.  Photo by UA Dave.

While on our wade back downstream to the car, I noticed that there were trout starting to rise.  As I continued to watch, more and more trout were rising and at a faster rate.  What is this madness I thought to myself.  I felt something crawling on the back of my neck…it was a black winged insect.  Very small with sort of a long body.  I was witnessing a hatch!

I quickly switched flies to the smallest black dry fly I had, and immediately told Dave to do the same.  After quite a few missed opportunities and some good laughs, I finally hooked up!  My first “match the hatch” trout, and a nice one at that!

The small fly that caught the brown trout above was from my purchase of trout flies from Phil’s Phly Shop.  I am terrible with all the names of these small flies, and really only know if it’s a nymph or a dry fly.  Haha
Well, that brown trout shot out of the water like a missle to take the fly, and it was AWESOME!

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