So, this week I learned that there was a rabbit stuck in the lower level area of one of the buildings at work. I told the guys I would bring one of my fishing nets, so, we could try and catch it, and release it back on the ground level, so, it can be free.

Well, I kept forgetting to bring my net, and one of the other guys had the same forgetfulness issues I was experiencing.

Today one of the guys at work had a grand idea to make an old school box & stick trap. After he set it up, he placed some carrots underneath the box, and waited in the distance holding some fishing line he wrapped around the stick to act as a trigger for the box to drop. Well wouldn’t you know it, the rabbit came out, started to eat the carrots, and sat under the box. Well, after he pulled the line and the box fell perfectly over the adolescent/baby rabbit, the box would not contain it, a few hops and it popped it up enough to escape before my buddy was able to get to the box. 

After learning of that story, I became excited, because, I love this sort of thing, and I’m usually the guy they call when there are animal issues, because, of my love for the outdoors. I told the guys I would get some more carrots from the cafeteria, and meet them down there in the afternoon.

When I got there, they were all set up with a heavier plastic recycling box. I placed the carrots underneath, and the 3 of us waited patiently.

After about 15 minutes the rabbit came out from the bushes, and scampered around. The rabbit was going everywhere but near the box. A wise rabbit. Eventually, our time ran out, and the rabbit is still stranded down there. We pushed all of the food under the bush for it to munch on over the weekend.

I’m bringing my net on Monday. I really want to help this little guy out, and get him back to the main level, so, he can go off and survive and thrive. He’s a sitting duck down there for hawks and owls.

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