The rabbit was playing it smart and avoiding the box trap ever since it worked the first time. Who would have thought that would have worked to begin with. Hahaha

I brought 2 of my trout/kayak fishing nets. I wasn’t able to join the guys in the lower level to attempt to capture the trapped rabbit, but I was able to watch from above, and help as the “eye in the sky.” Unfortunately, my buddy Arik was not sneaky enough to bag this furball.
We set the box trap up again with hopes the bunny has forgotten about how it works. No luck.
That little rabbit was wise.
We tried coaxing the bunny into the area, but it would simply avoid the box. Heck it seemed it felt safer closer to one of us. Our trapping time was almost up for the day, so, I gave the nets a shot, and came up empty.
After taking down the trap and calling it a day, we were just about to walk away, and the rabbit came out of the bushes again, sort of putting itself in a corner. I quickly grabbed my nets and raced on over, and quickly tried to fool it into running into one of my nets. The rabbit quickly juked left, right, left, right. It began to look a lot like Barry Sanders with it’s swift moves, but eventually I became the victor. One wrong move, and I had it.
The rabbit won some parting gifts.
The rabbit was released in a courtyard on the ground level. It’s an area I walk past daily on my way to the fitness center at 5 AM. I often see bigger rabbits out eating and hopping around. Hopefully, one of those bigger rabbits is one of it’s parents, and it can now teach it the ways of surviving. I just hope we didn’t spoil the little bunny, too much, when it was trapped. (Thinking about it, it ate like a king – carrots and apples galore.) As the bunny left my net, it quickly started eating some of the plants in the open areas, and seemed like it was in a familiar area. Which is a good sign.
Hope to see you around little buddy.
The last thing I told the bunny was, “Don’t get eaten by a hawk.” …”Keep your eyes on the skies little man.” (Don’t know if it was a male or female.)

11 Replies to “Got ’em”

  1. Coolest bird related thing I ever saw was a bunny get tackled by a paragain falcon. I will never forget that–so cool.

  2. That had to be awesome! Did you see the whole thing happen?I've seen Hawks swoop down in fields and come up empty, and I've seen them already perched with a rodent of sorts. Also, had a bald eagle flying low with a bass, and perch itself in a tall tree right behind me in Wisconsin. I had my binoculars, too.

  3. Thanks, Howard! When they're out in the open, they're on their own. I just wanted it to get out of the confined area, so, it can learn to survive out there. Hopefully, it finds some bigger rabbits to learn from.

  4. This is just epic! Loved following this story, thanks for sharing and good job on the safe capture and release (don't get to say that often about rabbits on a fishing blog).

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