It’s that time of year when I hunt for teeth. I’m referring to Northern Pike, and Musky. I have caught many pike, but musky seem to elude me. I know that I’m not alone.

This one time I hooked up with a musky, but that was about it. I was bass fishing, and had an 8lb test leader on. My prayers of a the hook being set in the perfect place were not met. I was broke off right in front of me.

I took my kayak out for it’s first float of the year on the Des Plaines River (DPR). The outing was short, and upon arriving at my desired put in, I was upset to find that the chain with the closed sign was still up.

Plan B.

Before I put my kayak in the water I made a few casts near a big storm pipe, and I was greeted with an explosion, but no hook up. Then I casted straight out into the river and watched a pike about 17 inches short strike my single pike fly about 5-9 times. It was quite comical.

Belmont Ave.

It was going to be a short outing with the sun starting to set earlier as Fall quickly approaches. I decided to paddle up river and float, anchor, and fish my way back. I ended up going 1 for 3, hooking up with a hammer handle.

Shark week or pike week

Not too long ago a friend of mine hooked up with a pike estimated at 34 inches, a real trophy for the DPR, but there are rumors of 37 +inchers roaming these waters. Looking forward to a weekend outing where I have nothing but time.


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  1. My one experience fishing for pike was in Canada years ago. I've got a 34 incher hanging on my wall. Probably the last I will see. Now Musky, that's a different story. If I ever get the chance…

  2. Love Esox of all flavors. Heck I even have a Muskie tattoo. I have spent countless hours and dozens of trips chasing Muskie. Yet I have only boated 3. Stick with it, it will happen. They don't call them the fish of 10,000 casts for nothing.

  3. I want to catch a pike! I saw a video of a pike biting a guy wo was trying to revive it in the water, quite brutal! Good job on the pike, bro!

  4. Most definitely, man! I am not a quitter ha. I have heard so many stories of guys spending hours, and days chasing these apex predators only to not even see one or to only get a follow. What did you catch your 3 on?

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