Here’s a step by step of how to tie a small but big crappie pattern I’ve been tying up lately for bass, pike, and possibly musky.

Step One – Self explanatory.
Step Two – Tie in nice size hunk of white craft fur to use as a tail.
Step Three – Silver crystal flash.
Step Four – Black holographic Flashabou.
Step Five – 2 natural grizzly hackle feathers. One on each side.
Step Six – Reverse tie in some black buck tail.
Step Seven – Add more silver crystal flash.
Step Eight – Reverse tie in another small hunk of black buck tail
Step Nine – Tie in some white craft fur. Make 2 wraps and work it around the hook shank with your fingers before making more secure wraps. (I ran out of black thread….Oops!)
Step Ten – Dumbbell eyes towards the front.
Step Eleven – Palmer some silver polar chenille up to the back of the dumbbell eyes.
Step Twelve – Tie in some black Senyo laser dub to make the head.
Step Thirteen – Whip finish.
Step Fourteen – Beer yourself or go fishing….or both at the same damn time!
Material list
  1. 5/0 aberdeen hook
  2. White craft fur
  3. Crystal Flash – Silver
  4. Flashabou – Black
  5. Natural grizzly hackle feathers
  6. Black buck tail
  7. Hareline Polar Chenille – Silver
  8. 6.3mm dumbbell eyes
  9. Hareline Senyo laser dub – Black

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