The 3rd installment of – Bored and going through old photos.
I cannot count how many times Bobba-Dood overstayed our welcome in the sun, and became silly sun drunk fools. We’ve all been there…am I right?..please tell me I’m not alone. Haha
Our fishing outings use to last all day. 6+ hours of baking in the sun fishing multiple times a week. There were multiple outings where we would reach a that point where we became silly, stupid, and laughed at everything. 1 part sun, 2 parts exhaustion. During those times, the creative side of my mind would get going. I distinctly remember 2 occasions where I just randomly started to make something that resembled a watercraft of sorts, not human size, but something you could put a lego person on. 
On the first occasion we were fishing at Mallard Lake. I made a small watercraft the size of a post card out of sticks, grass, leaves, and vine. Whatever was around. I set it out to sea. It floated. I was proud. I then had the grand idea of trying to sink it with small rocks, pebbles if you will. I didn’t want to cheat and use a big ole rock, where would the fun be in that. My accuracy was terrible and eventually just tossed a big ole rock, and defeated my very own Eco friendly battleship.
The 2nd time we were fishing the Des Plains River, and catching a skunk. I decided that we both create stick boats, race them, and see which one will survive falling over the low head dam.
Bobba Dood started making a Mark Twain’esk type stick raft. As you can see in the picture below, it shows he has just started the frame. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate pictures of the final product. I do remember it was no match for my ingenuity.
Here is what my mind is capable of when I’m exhausted, and had too much sun. Pure genius! How can you not say to yourself, “Wow, that’s impressive! Is it for sale?!?!”
I was extremely pleased with the outcome of this vessel, that I contemplated changing careers, and devoting all of my time building stick boats, and starting a stick boat river racing league, but I didn’t want the fame and fortune that came with that territory. I’m a humble guy. Plus the world wasn’t ready for that kind of excitement at the time.
…and there she goes on her maiden voyage. What a beauty. The only fixture that did not survive the fall over the dam, was the sail. She kept on going down river, and didn’t miss a beat. She’s probably made her way around the world a few times by now. 
I know everyone has a few stories similar to this one. I’d love to hear them, so, please, do tell!!!!

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  1. haha I was with you until you said \”sun drunk\” instead of just regular drunk. lol most of my loooong fishing trips with the buddies came after one too many beers hahaha

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