First Fly Fishing College of 2021

The first Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop Fly Fishing College class of 2021 is in the books, and we had such a great group! If you’re not familiar with the course offered at Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop, it’s an in depth over view on the basics of fly fishing. It’s a great course for anyone who is brand new or curious about learning to fly fish.

O’Pros 3rd Hand Rod Holder

I’ve talked about it in the past, and I’ll talk about it again… The O’Pros 3rd Hand Rod Holder is one of those accessories that will make your world so much better on the water.

First Guided Trip of 2021

My first guided trip of 2021 with Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop // Fishing For All LLC is officially in the books and I am excited for many more this season.

New Gear: Sage X 7 wt

I’ve been eyeballing Sage X 7 wt fly rod for a long time now. I recently decided to adhere to the shoe brand Nike’s slogan of “Just Do It” and so, I did it.

Vedavoo’s New Microbursts

Are you familiar with Vedavoo’s new Microbursts? Well, you should be. Founder Scott Hunter has been coming up with new ways to give vintage patches new life on some very special Vedavoo pieces.

2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour

The 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour is set to stream March 10th – 24th. The F3T is something that I always look forward to each year. It helps get the mind right and thinking for warmer weather, and future fishing trips. Will you be streaming?

Skate Unity Art Show 2021

The 2021 Skate Unity Art Show is live, and a great opportunity to pick up some rad art and support the Boys & Girls Club of Central Minnesota.

Valentine’s Day Hook Hearts

Valentine’s Day hook hearts are a super original idea. Not really. It’s the furthest thing to original fly fishing content next to posting a bunch […]