Have you ever wanted to try upland hunting? Well, I did, but I didn’t know who to go to. Then by coincidence a few month after I had the interest to get see what upland hunting was all about a friend Will told me that he co-founded Try Upland community. A where a newbie like me could find a mentor or someone willing to take me out on a hunt and share the knowledge that they have accrued throughout their experience.

Try Upland Community Website

Since it’s launch in mid Fall of 2020 (If I remember correctly), I’ve been out on 3 hunts. 2 outings were for pheasant and the other was for ruffed grouse, and they were all organized through the Try Upland community forum. I’ve met some great people of all different experience levels, and learned something from each of them. I’m extremely grateful for all of them and their willingness to let me tag along and learn.

I’ll spare you the details of each outing, because I do plan on going in detail about those in outings in separate posts. Seriously, though, if you’re new and interested in upland hunting but don’t know where to turn for information, you need to sign up for the forum. I promise you that you will be welcomed and you’ll find a bunch of mentors willing to take you and show you the ropes.

The same goes for anyone that has experience with upland hunting. If you have the knowledge, the gear, and willingness to share your knowledge with others, then you should sign up to be a mentor!

Try Upland Minnesota Grouse Outing

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