I have been itching to get out on the Des Plains River (DPR) 1 last time this year, and I finally got my opportunity. After my morning workout, I loaded up my kayak, and headed toward the river. When I arrived at the launch, the sun was out blazing, and it was a very warm 35 degree’s outside.

Paddled up river quite a ways. Pretty much my 2nd workout for the day – I was exhausted. My gear was kept to a minimum. It was hard for me to only bring my 10 wt fly rod, and 3 flies. The first 2 minutes of my float back to the landing, I had a very nice chunky 25+ inch northern pike sort of lazily explode out of the water in a terribly failed attempt to strike my fly. It kind of seemed like it didn’t want to go after it, but had to. Sort of how I most of us feel about work sometimes. Don’t really want to be there, but need to be. I anchored and casted like a billion times into the same area, but no dice…or pike.
That was the most action I received fishing on my float. I did, however, see a female deer standing near the bank, and soon after that,  I saw a raccoon walking the bank. They were probably just enjoying the beautiful weather just like me. 
Not wanting to end this beautiful day with a skunk. I loaded up my kayak, and headed towards an area I can get a decent cast from shore with my fly rod, not to mention, the spot is always good for at least 1 pike. Upon arrival I was happy to find no one else was there. The last few times I stopped here, there were some characters I didn’t get a good vibe from.
If you look close, you can see the fly, flying.
Nothing on Side A, so, I flipped over to Side B.
Graffiti under the bridge.
Side B had the soothing sounds of thrashing water I was looking for.
These pike have dirty mouths.

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  1. I like fishing near bridges, too. I have had some of my best fishing on or around a bridge area. Not Pike, mind you, but, good fishing none the less. Nice set of teeth there!

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