One of my main fishing/outdoor goals this year was to explore new water, and I did just that. Here are the posts that prove it.

  • Gulf of Mexico – Fly fished the Gulf of Mexico and caught my first salt water fish.
  • 31st Street Harbor – Lake Michigan – It’s a brand new harbor on Lake Michigan.
  • Orlando Florida – Caught my first gar on the fly.
  • Fox Lake – Fished for the first time from a kayak. Explored new areas and water.
  • Illinois River – Fished for the first time, and from my kayak. The river is HUGE!
  • Northwoods Part 1 – Explored new waters up North.
  • Maumee River Ohio – Wet a line for an hour and found a new place to fish when visiting my best friend.
  • Northwoods Part 2 – Returned to the same area, but explored new sections. I love it up there!
  • Northwoods Part 3 or 4 – Finally hooked up with my first musky. Cannot get enough of the Northwoods!
The Northwoods would definitely be my pick for favorite trip this year. There is just so much water, and wildlife. I would be happy just getting lost in the wilderness for a few days, without my fishing gear up there.
I was also, successful in catching some new species. One of them has been at the top of my list for years, and I finally did it, I caught my first musky! I’m still jazzed by the thought of that beautiful fish eating one of my flies.

I also, caught my first salt water fish in the Gulf of Mexico, a speck/sea trout, and with my fly rod and on one of my flies. Looking forward to visiting Florida, again!

I even hooked up with my first gar on the fly. It was a nice surprise, and definitely a rush, because, I didn’t have a proper leader tied on, because, I was bass fishing. I didn’t think I was going to find anything with teeth in the lake that I was fishing.

My biggest smallmouth and largemouth bass of the year. I don’t weight my fish, so, I’m just guessing, but I’m sure both of them were between 4-5lbs. I can tell you that both were definitely 20+ inches in length.

Looking back on all of my adventures this year, I can only smile and think about all of the good times. 2014 was great, and I’m looking forward to what 2015 has in store for me. I know that it already has a new job lined up for me, and I start the first Monday of the new year. Exciting!
I’m going to continue my 2014 outdoor/fishing resolution to explore new water for 2015. It’s amazing how much of it is out there.
I would like to wish all of my friends out there in blogger world a Happy New Year! Cheers to 2015! (Sorry if I forgot anyone.)
I’ll end this post with some of my favorite photographs from this year.
Gizzard Shad – Lake Michigan.
Northwoods Smallie ready to be released.
Wading the Gulf of Mexicco. Such an awesome experience!
My biggest DPR Northern Pike of 2014.
The Fat Gordo and I, taking a break from all of the fun.

10 Replies to “2014 was a good year.”

  1. you definitely had a good year and sounds like some excitement already for 2015! congrats on the new job! a very good year ahead wished for you and your girlfriend!

  2. That's an awesome year by anyone's standards. I have to say, your blog is really hitting its stride, it's been a very enjoyable read this year. Keep the posts (& the fish) coming!Thanks for the shoutout as well.

  3. I will just chime in here with Michael. That is a sensational year that you just laid out, Justin. You were able to accomplish so much. At my age, I am envious of your opportunities and the success you have had. Keep up the great blog work and thanks for being my BlogBuddy………………The \”Pond Stalker\” appreciates ya!

  4. I really appreciate that, Mel!! I'm glad you enjoy stopping by and reading about my adventures. I know I'm looking forward to more of your posts of photos you've been scanning. Have a Happy New Year!!!

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