I’m a big fan of t-shirts. Especially, ones that you really cannot find in stores, and if you’re a small business or someone that I follow through social media, I’m all for supporting what you’re doing. I’d much rather wear a t-shirt that has the logo or name of something that I enjoy reading or viewing, rather than a shirt that says “Old Navy” or any other type of store. Boring!

Here are some of my most recent purchases.

The first 2 shirts are from the artist Ryan Sharpe of Dead Weight Fly. I’ve been following his work for quite a while now, and his art just keeps on getting better. If you like what you see check out his website – Dead Weight Fly.


This next shirt from Dead Weight Fly is my favorite. The headpiece the skull is wearing is made up of streamers (looks like the Game Changer pattern). It’s very creative and unique.


This “Bass Bum Diaries” t-shirt and stickers are from a friend I follow on Instagram. His name is, Hiro, and his Instagram name is @bassbum. Hiro, is from Japan, and is a very creative graphic artist who enjoys fly fishing and fiberglass rods. Definitely, one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. —- www.instagram.com/bassbum

I should also note, that if you’re insterested in, Hiro’s, stuff shoot me an email, and I could possibly hook you up with his contact information.

Front and 2 stickers.

And here is a shirt that my lovely GF gave to me as a Christmas present. I just love this shirt, because, it has 3 of my favorite animals on it….a shark, bear, and wolves. In case you’re wondering where the wolves are, check out the t-shirt the Tommy gun yeilding bear is wearing. HA! I love it!

I love stuff like this!

And speaking of t-shirts and animals riding sharks. I have just added t-shirt to my collection with the purchase of a Troutrageous! Tenkara Sasquatch T! Shirt. I just ordered it, so, I have not received it, yet.

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  1. Yup, you are hopelessly addicted…………………I think we all look and feel good when we are wearing a t-thirt in this case or a hat from someone that we can personally relate too.

  2. I will have to have to check out that page. Thanks, for sharing the link! I'm looking forward to rocking the new Troutrageous! T!shirt

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