The start of a new job, adjusting to a new schedule, learning new things, and trying to remember all of it….exhausting! I’ve been nothing but a bum, when I get home from work.
When I’m at work I stare at my Yeti rambler and think about all of those smallmouth bass that are just waiting to say hi. Then I get home, and I cannot wait to say goodnight.
Winter, you’re winning.

5 Replies to “Need some motivation”

  1. In the midst of a transition like that is an exhausting experience. As the old saying goes, \”been there and done that\”. Things will come in time and peace will find you. Rip a lip or two and you will be just fine!

  2. I need to pay a visit to the local warm water discharge for some \”shooting fish in a barrel\” type fishing. It'll help get me my fix!

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