The 2020 Wisconsin Inland trout opener // Driftless opener.  After a slow morning of fishing with my friend Area Man aka Aaron Przybylski.  We went back to the truck to hydrate and wait for our friend Bobby Nachos, but something happened.  Area Man went missing.  

At first I thought it was the Driftless Sasquatch, and after reviewing the footage (I conveniently had my cell phone recording) I believe it was aliens.  Now that I’m thinking deeper in to it, what if the Sasquatch is the Alien.  Then I got to thinking that Chewbacca and Sasquatch have the same build, and Chewbacca is basically an alien!  Whoa.

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  1. Until you tackle one, you'll never know if it's a Sasquatch, an Alien, or Chewbacca so you best get on with it. So, what happened to Area Man? Did you ever find him?

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