Aaron aka Area Man tries Malört for the first time, and experiences Malört face. Its a face made when you drink the famous Chicago liqueur Malört for the first time.

After agreeing to meet up to go fishing, I told him that I would fill my new Whiskey Leatherworks x Sightline Provisions Copper Flask with the liqueur. At the end of slow morning of fishing we stopped back at our vehicles for lunch, and a shot of the famed Chicago liqueur.

If you’ve never tried Malört, then you’ll totally want to see and hear Area Mans reaction to it. He gives a fairly decent description of it’s taste. It’s not really something you like out of the gate, but I’ve grown to enjoy it. Especially, seeing every reaction to trying it for the first time.

Area Man tries Malört for the first time from my new flask

Hope you all enjoy the video I put together of the day, and of Area man trying Malört for the first time. Tried something new and recorded it all on my iPhone instead of one of my fancy cameras. Even though there weren’t many fish caught, I would love to hear some feed back on your thoughts. I would also appreciate it if you gave the video a thumbs up and subscribed to my channel. Thank you!

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