Got ’em

The rabbit was playing it smart and avoiding the box trap ever since it worked the first time. Who would have thought that would have […]

Shhh, we’re huntin’ wabbits

So, this week I learned that there was a rabbit stuck in the lower level area of one of the buildings at work. I told […]

Found some models

These are my and my girlfriends dogs. Daisy (pitbull), and Bo (shit-poo). I hired them for cheap. A few pieces of chicken was all that […]

Exploring the Northwoods

So, I took a 4 day trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin with my buddy Fat Gordo. We drove around in search of any water […]

Badaxe Design

Stopped by one of my local fly shops – Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters – just to look around and kill some time. Sure enough I […]