Winter Pike Float with Urban Assault Fly Fishing – Part 2

My buddy Dave (Urban Assault Fly Fishing) shot me a text message on Friday asking if I wanted to float the DPR on Saturday morning. […]

Sun drunk and stick boats

The 3rd installment of – Bored and going through old photos.   I cannot count how many times Bobba-Dood overstayed our welcome in the sun, […]

My first Northern Pike

Another installment of – bored and going through old photos. My first Northern Pike – It was Spring of who knows what year. I could […]

Night crawlers and Cats

Ah, the good ‘ole days, baiting a hook with a fat juicy night crawler, casting it out to what you think is the deepest spot […]

Winter Issues

One of the things that keeps me entertained on the web other than blogs, are the many free e-Magazines that are out there. There’s a […]


One of my favorite things to photograph while out fishing or hiking are mushrooms. I was going through some of my old photos and came […]

Need some motivation

The start of a new job, adjusting to a new schedule, learning new things, and trying to remember all of it….exhausting! I’ve been nothing but […]

I’m a sucker for t-shirts.

I’m a big fan of t-shirts. Especially, ones that you really cannot find in stores, and if you’re a small business or someone that I […]