The first Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop Fly Fishing College class of 2021 is in the books, and we had such a great group! If you’re not familiar with the course offered at Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop, it’s an in depth over view on the basics of fly fishing. It’s a great course for anyone who is brand new or curious about learning to fly fish.

First Fly Fishing College of 2021

On days 1 and 2 we cover gear needed, knots used, flies, bugs and their various life stages, and lots more.

On the 3rd and final day, we meet up on a local trout stream and put all of that new knowledge to real world use. We’ll teach you how to rig up, cast, roll cast, and we’ll show you all of those bugs we talked about in the previous classes. When we think you’re all ready to cast, we’ll set you up with a fly, and hope you can use your skills to finish out the day with a fish!

First Fly Fishing College of 2021

Zander caught his first and second fish on the fly during the first Fly Fishing College of 2021. Check out the size of that brook trout! Such a nice one for our area here near the Twin Cities of Minnesota. (Photos of Zander by Head Guide Evan Griggs)

Greg and his Daughter Whitney having a great time! Greg hooked up with a couple of brook trout during the outing, as well.

First Fly Fishing College of 2021

Check out dates Fly Fishing College dates at Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop: HERE

Not only am I teaching classes at Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop, I am also available for guided fishing trips! To learn about the different trips that are offered, visit my Guided Fly Fishing Trips page or the shop page. If you’re looking for even more information, please feel free to contact me via email at or text/call (708) 655-5927. If you book a trip through the shop contact, don’t forget to request me!

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  1. Wow! What a great course, and so many smiling faces. Really wish they had one of these around me when I got started in fly fishing. All I could find was a fly casting class at an LL Bean. This looks invaluable in reducing some of that learning curve. To be honest, I could probably use a “bug” tutorial myself. That’s one of the areas of fly fishing I’ve never really dove into yet.

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