My first guided fishing trip of 2022 season is in the books! The weather this winter (February) in Minnesota was brutally cold. Cristian and I had to reschedule because of how cold it was going to be on the day we had originally planned. Thankfully, the weather was more than pleasant the day that we did get out to explore the trout streams.

We had such a fun day of fishing. The brown trout were active and more than a few were hooked, and a few were caught. They seemed to be keyed in on the flies that had purple on them.

First Guided Fishing Trip Of 2022
First Guided Fishing Trip Of 2022

Cristian brought his film camera knowing I am in to shooting film. I wish he would have told me because I would have brought one of mine, too. Here are some of the film photos that were taken with Cristian’s camera that day. I believe he was using a Minolta with Kodak UltraMax 400. I think it’s super rad to know someone else who wants to take their film camera out on the trout stream. Looking forward to fishing with Cristian again, but next time I’ll be bringing one of my film cameras.

Cristian and a brown trout in the drift less.

If you’re interested in booking a guided fly fishing trip don’t hesitate to reach out. If you’re looking for more information on our guided trip options at Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop check out this link HERE.

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  1. Nice pics! Purple does seem to be a great winter color for trout. I do well with a Purple Haze dry fly. I also do well with a McKenna’s Sexy Walt’s Worm which has a purple SLF dubbing collar.

    1. Thanks Darrell! I do well with a Purple Haze dry fly when I run out of what’s actually popping off on the streams. I’ll have to check out that SLF dubbing. I’ve been trying to incorporate some more purple in my flies. I used to do a lot of pinks, but lately it’s been more and more purple.

      1. The color of that SLF dubbing is technically called Hot Purple. You can see it in use on the McKenna’s Sexy Walt’s Worm fly tying video over at Coincidentally, there’s a Tenkara fly called the Grave Digger that uses purple wool and the actual color of the wool yarn is called Purple Haze. I just started selling that material over on my website!

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