My first guided trip of 2021 with Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop // Fishing For All LLC is officially in the books and I am excited for many more this season.

If you were unaware, I have joined the Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop crew. You can typically find me at the shop on Monday’s eager to share my knowledge of wind knots, mop flies, and small fish. Kidding. I most certainly know more than those things, but I am a self proclaimed expert in those topics.

First Guided Trip of 2021

In addition to to working at the shop on Monday’s, I am joining the guide crew! Check out the services here or visit Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop website.

I recently had my first guided trip of the 2021 season. It was a Beginner Fly Fishing Trip and I thought it went really well. My client Brian was new to fly fishing and really wanted to work on all of his skills and if we were to catch a trout, that would be a bonus.

First Guided Trip of 2021

During the outing we worked on Brian’s cast, and he was quick to make all of the adjustments I gave him. His cast drastically improved and by the end of the day he was casting a fly rod like he had been doing it for years. Brian even learned how to quickly water load cast back up river, roll cast, and mend like it was nothing new to him.

I’m still bummed I couldn’t get Brian hooked up with his first trout, but I am confident that he will hook up with many trout in the future with the skills that I passed along to him. Thank you, for being such a great client and student, Brian! I am thoroughly impressed with your skills! FYI – It personally took me way long to learn how to mend my line when I was first starting!

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