Spin For The Win

This weekend was a bit strange for me.  Part of the strange was me fishing exclusively with my spinning rod.  The other part was hooking […]

Fly Fishing with The Slaunch Mob

My buddy Adam aka The Slaunch Mob (Instagram – @theslaunchmob) decided that he wanted to pick up fly fishing.  We were finally able to get out […]

Bushcraft – Feather Sticks

So, we finally got cable at the house.  I haven’t had cable for 4 years.  I don’t watch much television, but one day I got […]

CARF Strikes Gold!!!

I caught my first carp on the fly!!!!   I am super stoked!!!!   I mean, look at all of those exclamation marks!!!!   Do […]


This past Labor Day weekend, I got out with a bunch of guys from a local fishing forum – WindyCityFishing.com.  I believe there were 13 […]

Northwoods Exploring: Part 2

Forever exploring the North.   2 lane roads, tall trees, endless amount of rivers and lakes, and no ambient light to hide the stars at […]