New Waters – Poplar Creek

This past Saturday my best friend (We’ll name him “HH”) and I went out to explore new water. Another friend was generous enough to provide […]


Yesterday, I decided to give my fly rod a go at the early morning bass. Lately, I’ve been seeing quite a bit of surface activity, […]

Biggest Baddest Bluegill

This past Sunday I fished at Blackwell Forest Preserve, and man, was it a beautiful day! The bass weren’t biting, so, I switched to some […]

AM and PM fishing

(This was from last week)   Started leaving the house 30 minutes early, so, I can fish the lake at work for 30 minutes before the […]

Surprise, It’s Trout!

The past few day’s have been an absolute hell. I’ve been stuck inside sick with some sort of virus that has been kicking my ass. […]

That’s more like it!!!

Few days ago, I was leaving work a few hour later than I expected. As I was driving out of the parking lot I noticed […]

Orvis Guide Sling Pack

Hello…my name is, Justin, and I’m a fly fishing gear junkie. I’ve been using the Orvis Magnum Sling pack since it came out. I loved […]

Finally…the fish showed up!

I FINALLY caught my first fish of 2013! I was starting to forget what the tug of a fish felt like at the end of the […]

6 Days – Zero Fish

So, I’ve been out fishing 6 times thus far (Not consecutively), and I’ve only accomplished to shake the rust off of my cast. Which is fine […]

Trailer – A Deliberate Life

Don’t you just love fly fishing films?….I know I do!!I seriously, cannot stop watching the trailer for “A Deliberate Life.” A comment on their page […]