The bluegill

Far too many people over look the bluegill, and think of it as an annoying fish… I can guarantee when those same people started out […]

Short visit to the big pond

My second visit to the big pond (Lake Michigan) this year. Had an appointment to be somewhere at 09:30, so, I decided to leave extra […]

Love is in the air

Love is definitely in the air. I floated the lake I have so much hate for, for 6 hours. The weeds have taken over a […]

Grandparents Camper

Helped open up my grandparents camper at Fish Lake. Did some cleaning and helped with all of the heavy lifting to get it all ready […]

Yak Bass

Finally – I found a bass at the lake I have a love/hate relationship with. Got out early to beat the storms that were in […]

Abel Nippers

$50 for a pair of nippers…. You must be out of your damn mind! That was my initial reaction when I saw the price tag […]

I hate it, but not really….

Is there a body of water that you absolutely hate, but can’t seem to stay away from? Well, Busse Lake is that place for me. […]


A late post, but it’s all good. After I left Fort Meyers, I spent the remainder of my Florida vacation in Orlando. The hotel I […]