Getting Ready

So, just the other day I was looking through my fly tying materials, and I found a few items that have been hiding from me…some foam […]


Since last Sunday’s bluegill fest, the only thing I’ve caught were some sweet shots. The weather has been up and down, and when it has […]

Finally…the fish showed up!

I FINALLY caught my first fish of 2013! I was starting to forget what the tug of a fish felt like at the end of the […]

6 Days – Zero Fish

So, I’ve been out fishing 6 times thus far (Not consecutively), and I’ve only accomplished to shake the rust off of my cast. Which is fine […]

Trailer – A Deliberate Life

Don’t you just love fly fishing films?….I know I do!!I seriously, cannot stop watching the trailer for “A Deliberate Life.” A comment on their page […]

Fly Swap

So, I am participating in my first fly swap. There is only 5 guys (including myself) involved in this one on a local fishing forum. Windy […]

The Fiberglass Manifesto

Recently, The Firberglass Manifesto had an overstock of his swag inventory, and conducted a sale. 2 shirts, some stickers, and shipping for $35. What a […]

Spring is near!

I am pretty excited to see that the 10 day forecast calls for consistent 40 degree weather, and Spring is just around the corner. I cannot wait […]

Driftless Area of Wisconsin

This past September, I took a day trip to the Driftless Area that is southwest Wisconsin to do some trout fishing. The weather was looking […]

Face To Face

Face to Face – BlindI was just listening to this song on repeat on my iPod. It’s addicting!Thought I would share my cover of the song.Enjoy!